Imagine you’re out for brunch with your friends, it’s a peaceful mid-morning, you feel the warmth of the sun. Then suddenly the light disappears, it’s dark, cold, and now your skin is burning as acid washes over you, a torturous end to your existence.


Thus is the fate of millions of Krill daily. For decades, the systematic annihilation of this entire species has been going on in plain sight. A genocide in modern times that nobody will talk about. We here at Ending Climate wish to bring awareness to the plight of the krill. They are among the species with the largest total biomass, this is their planet, yet over half of this biomass is annihilated by whales yearly.


Whales are murderous ravagers who unleash terror and destruction upon defenseless populations. Let’s help support our whaling sisters and brothers, these brave fisher people and their mission to end the whales reign of terror and liberate the krill.